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Elephant photos

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A series of photos showing the sun setting on the ever present elephant.

The sunrise on the Heygate Estate. Soon to be demolished

Because my project was made up of about 10,800 photographs run together in a series of 1/30th of a second spasms, I realized that I didn’t have actual photographs.  So I made some.  Here they are.



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Economy.  My reaction?  The way that we move and shake.  This is my take on our Elephant and Castle project:

In documenting the Elephant and Castle I opted to take multiple exposures instead of singular frames.  When these multiple images are compiled together in a sequence, it highlights the movement of our daily lives.  This animation shows the daily slog of a commute, waiting for the bus or the ATM, walking through a subway or the streets of a housing estate.  Traffic flow patterns, rapid transportation patterns all emerge when real time is manipulated to see the ebb and flow of the area.  This in essence is the economy of Elephant and Castle at work.

People blurred into a pattern making one realize that we are part of a bigger picture.  It makes one feel both insignificant but at the same time a part of the greater whole.  We are not permanent fixtures on this planet nor are the buildings or the cars.  All that stays the same is the rising and setting of the sun, which acts as a benchmark to the passage of time.

Unfortunately You Tube blocked my audio track but I’m trying to figure out a way around this.

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