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Week 6 + 1

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Worked the London Marathon today for Cancer Research UK.  Among the great stories and crazy runners (Fred Flinstone and Teen Wolf) there was James Joy.  He had run the Brighton Marathon before but was never given an opportunity to run the London Marathon.  This year he got his opportunity but only a couple weeks before the marathon was to be run.  Instead of dropping the Brighton Marathon, which is run 6 days prior to London, and the money he raised for the charity associated with that run, James opted to run both marathons.  With only  days to recover from the Brighton marathon, James finished in under four hours in London.  Considering I can hardly run 2 miles without stopping, I found his achievement to be pretty amazing.  Congrats James!

51º 50' 56" N 0º 13' 58" W


Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize

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Do I have a chance?  I mean really?  That’s what I thought about.  Should I actually go through the process of filling in the info, paying the £30 fee, then make a print that would cost about the same only to probably get rejected?  Rejection is the name of the photographic game, so I thought to myself, just get used to it.  And send the damn thing in anyway.

Problem with the print I liked…I made it in the darkroom…old school…black and white.  I really like the print, however there is a spot on the neg.  In the print it’s a black splotch, on a bit of white.  And it looks like crap.  So I had to make a digital one.  Am I happy with it?  Well, no.  It could always be better.  But it’s my submission so it has a shot.  At least I got it in on time.  And when I got there, there were 2500 or so stickers there awaiting to be affixed to other portraits.  I imagine 50 get in or so.  Rejection city.  But it’s not Howard’s fault.  It’s mine for not giving myself time to submit the perfect print.

Howard Robinson in his store. He was a great sitter.

I’ll certainly let you know how it goes on my end.  Results should be back on or about August 22.  Now, on to who I think should get in:

Dennis © Freya Najade

That’s right, Freya.  I’m certain you’ll get in.  At least I think you should.  And I imagine that Laura Pannack girl will too.

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