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Week 7 + 1

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This week it’s a series of images.  This is a slide show I originally put together for ASA collective.  I managed to pass it on to Harry Hardie, who is curating the Look Liverpool show I am in.  He liked the work enough to include it in the Perugia Journalism Festival going on right now in Perugia.  If you’re in Italy right now, there are probably a lot better things you could be doing, drinking some wine comes to mind.  But if you are really searching for something to do, the rest of the Collateral Damage show would be good to see at the festival.  My work was tied up in Derby and London, so it wasn’t able to make it down.  But at least I managed to contribute this piece, which includes some of the prosthetics I have been photographing recently.


Up next…

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As Minescape at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning heads into its final week, I encourage you to go and see the work in Brixton.  The next stop for the work will be in Liverpool from May 13-June 26.  Minescape will be part of a group show at the LOOK Liverpool festival.  The show will be at the Contemporary Urban Center (CUC) in Liverpool and will share wall space will am amazing lineup of photographers.  Included in the group show “Collateral Damage”, my work will hang alongside the likes of Simon Norfolk, Edmund Clark, Tim Hetherington, Zijah Gafic, Paul Lowe, Lisa Barnard,  Ashley Gilbertson, Adam Broomberg and Olivier Chanarin, and Mishka Henner.  Harry Hardie and Paul Lowe have collaborated to curate the exhibition.

May 13-June 26

I’m truly honored to be able to exhibit my work alongside the likes of these artists.  “Collateral Damage” will focus on images associated with atrocity that do not depict the actual act of violence or the victim itself, but rather depicts the circumstances around which such acts occurred.

In addition to this show at the CUC, Ed Burtynsky shows work from the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico last year and Robert Polidori shows work from “New Orleans After the Flood”, also at the CUC.

Week 4+1

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Last week I said I would show another prosthetic.  Keeping to my word, here is one that you would more commonly find in Bosnia.  Obviously the difference between last weeks device and this week’s is striking.

51º 40' 33" N 0º 29' 18" W

Many thanks again to Prothetist Abdo Haider and the staff at the London Prosthetic Center.

Week 3 + 1

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Now that the show is up and running and the artist talk is out of the way, I thought I would start showing some new material from Minescape.

51º 30' 43" N 0º 29' 15" W

This bionic hand is the latest creation by a firm that I have been in contact with.  The London Prosthetic Center has been kind enough to allow me into their offices and photograph some of the hands, feet, limbs, fingers and joints that they make to allow their clients to integrate more fully into society.

This one device in particular is a bionic hand.  Electrodes attach to the skin of the forearm or elbow.  These electrodes interpret the muscle stimuli and allow the hand to open and close and turn at the wrist.  I was told by Abdo Haider, the prosthetist I worked with, this device will replicate roughly half of the movements of the human hand and wrist.

This technology is not cheap however.  It runs about £10,000 for one of these hands.  Mr. Haider did tell me that there are developers in the U.S. that have made a full bionic arm that attaches at the shoulder joint which can replicate all 22 motions the human arm can achieve.  I can only imagine how much that device must cost.

Realize , however, that wearers of prosthetic devices must be refitted ever 3 years as the human body is always changing shape and it doesn’t take a lot of thought to realize that wearers of this technology, due to the price and retrofitting, are exceptions to the rule.

Next week, I will show a device more commonly seen, especially in areas like Bosnia where I carried out the initial shooting of my project.

Week 2 + 1

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A quick one.  An installation shot from my show on at 198 gallery through April 23.

51º 45' 30" N 0º 10' 26" W

Minescape at FORMAT

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Just a few days to go before my project, Minescape, shows at FORMAT festival in Derby.  I’ve delivered the work to the Silk Mill Museum and the work should be hung at this point.  One show down and one more to go.  I’ve settled on a framer at this point for my London show and the work should be completed before I go to Derby for the preview date; March 3, 2011.

Forest-Trebevic © Brett Van Ort

Whether or not I’m happy with the framing for the London show will remain to be seen until then.  I’m a bit anxious having to find another place to frame the work, as the design and function of the frames are intergal to the final product.

I’ve been asked by the curator of my show at FORMAT to display instructions on how to operate the frames.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to with hold myself from doing, i.e. explaining to the audience how to interact with the work, but the general consensus from the people at FORMAT is that a brief set of instructions is necessary.  I always felt that if the frames aren’t operated, then the audience “walks” into these fields not knowing what lies beneath.  However, the majority of those at FORMAT feel the entirety of the work must be seen.

You can follow this link here to see my page on the FORMAT website.

Also, FYI, I will be delivering a talk in Derby on my work on March 23 from 2pm.  Info is available here.

I’ll be speaking about the project and how a painting by Fredrich Edwin Church and the destruction of my family farm in Tennessee influenced my thoughts and ideas about the project.


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I have mines up in Fort Collins, Colorado for a while.  They will be there until February 13.  The artist opening will be tomorrow the 5th of February but the work has been up for a while.

Former Yugoslavian PROM Mine

Made it onto the Center’s blog yesterday though.  You can find it here.

You can view all the work at the exhibition here.

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