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Sipson Slideshow

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A couple months of a 90 minute one way journey to and from Sipson with a 40 some odd pound camera and an audio recorder yielded this. I have only the lovely people of Sipson and Harmondsworth and Harlington to thank for their help and allowing me not only into their homes but their lives.


Hatton Cross

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I already have a shot of a plane from the vantage point in Sipson where the 3rd runway will be built.  I needed to see if I could find a shot of what it will be like for those that are left behind on both sides of the new proposed runway.  So I went on Google Earth of course and tried to find where the closest houses where to the two existing runways.  I found what I was looking for at Hatton Cross.  As the planes came in I followed them closer and closer to the runway.  I found about four houses literally right next to the tarmac.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a family drive up to one of the houses and get out with groceries and the days worth of shopping.

The noise was deafening.

The noise was deafening.

I kept photographing and eventually a 747 came overhead.  I said the 737 was loud?  This was almost unbearable.  And I didn’t do any funky lens tricks or anything folks.  This is shot on a 28mm.  That should give you an idea of where the plane is in relation to the ground/house/me.



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