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Week 8+1

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Yes, I went hipstamatic this week.  Was out and about during the royal wedding and heard the sound of fighter jets coming nearby.  I managed to get the phone out quick enough to capture this one.  At first I thought not much of it, but the more I looked at the photo I thought it strange that a military flyover coincided with the royal wedding.  Then I realized that beyond the tree in the foreground this exact scene could have been played out over the skies of Libya at that very moment.  With the plethora of imagery coming out of conflict zones on iPhones now that Damon Winter’s work has been validated by POYI awards, I felt this image blurred the lines even more.

So you choose: Sky over Central London or Sky over Libya.

51º 13' 34" N 0º 06' 45" W



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So he’s now infamous for being on the front of the iPad.

Some say Misrach pioneered large-format color photography in the United States.  Now whether or not that is true he’s had others working along side during that period of time that I feel have contributed as well, for instance Stephen Shore and Joel Sternfeld.  The latter two have been recognized widely for their contributions.  Yet, now with the introduction of the iPad, Misrach and his Pyramid Lake photograph which graces the desktop out of the box take center stage:

The $600 Misrach/technology device

Here is the original photo:

Better without all the clutter and it's cropped correctly!!!

Now, I’m all for him putting this out there and I hope he was compensated immensely for having his image on everyone’s iPad right out of the box, but let’s say I’m Richard and I see people holding their iPad vertically and the auto-rotation is constantly cropping my photo to shit.  Do I get upset?  Well, not if I got high 5 or 6 figures for it I guess.

Anyway, I’m on the fence about the amount of compensation that makes this forgivable.  But I just hope he was compensated enough.  At least its not as big a sellout as Mr. Sternfeld’s iPhone/iDubai project….ugh.  The link is to Marcus Doyle‘s blog, where I read about Sternfeld’s latest project.  Obviously Marcus takes exception to Sternfeld’s foray into small format digital and I can’t help agreeing with him, but at the same time, I feel he has every right to do what he wants and make money however he feels it’s necessary.  Now, does it drag down my feelings for Sternfeld?  Yes.  Will I still respect his previous work?  Yes.  Will I be excited for his next work?  Hell, no.  Do I consider the iDubai project a complete and utter sellout?  Umm, hells yeah!

But who would actually shun all the money either of these two made?

Plus, Misrach last body of work is impressive.  Hopefully he won’t fall into the iDubai trap since it looks like his work is still up to snuff.

From, On the Beach. ©Richard Misrach 2007

Cover to, On the Beach. ©Richard Misrach 2007

Stop Motion

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Had a friend send me a link to this the other day. Puts anything I’ve done stop motion-wise to shame. Got to figure out how this was done!

Covent Garden

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Not the greatest sunrise today.  No low clouds to catch the light early and bounce it back and light up the sky pink.  But there were a few low clouds to break up the pool of light forming in the East.  Shot the market from the front so it was backlit first.  There is about a ten minute window to get this shot with the dynamic range my digial has.  Film of course there is more and with a little burning in the darkroom I imagine you have about 30 minutes.

Front backlit

4:59 AM

A graduated ND filter would make all the difference, but I don’t have that kind of cash for a mattebox and filter (think I would go with an ND.06, thanks to working with Mr. Mackenzie).

5:10 AM

5:10 AM

Here’s the reverse and of course it was easier to work with but not as exciting.  The trash is kind of distracting but what are you going to do.  Seems that everyone is paying attention to the sign painted on the road.  Oh, but I kid!!!

5:06 AM

5:06 AM

Inside the market, where it is usually jammed with tourists.

5:19 AM

5:19 AM

Ok, fine.  Yes I did take a picture of the phones.  Just like a tourist would.  But five of them?  I mean when was the last time all five were used simultaneously?  THAT would make a good photograph…hmmmmm.

Sipson Slideshow

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A couple months of a 90 minute one way journey to and from Sipson with a 40 some odd pound camera and an audio recorder yielded this. I have only the lovely people of Sipson and Harmondsworth and Harlington to thank for their help and allowing me not only into their homes but their lives.

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