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Week 9+1

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A little tardy this week…apologies…

Not much needs to be said about this photo really…

51º 30' 18" N 0º 05' 01" W


Week 8+1

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Yes, I went hipstamatic this week.  Was out and about during the royal wedding and heard the sound of fighter jets coming nearby.  I managed to get the phone out quick enough to capture this one.  At first I thought not much of it, but the more I looked at the photo I thought it strange that a military flyover coincided with the royal wedding.  Then I realized that beyond the tree in the foreground this exact scene could have been played out over the skies of Libya at that very moment.  With the plethora of imagery coming out of conflict zones on iPhones now that Damon Winter’s work has been validated by POYI awards, I felt this image blurred the lines even more.

So you choose: Sky over Central London or Sky over Libya.

51º 13' 34" N 0º 06' 45" W

Week 7 + 1

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This week it’s a series of images.  This is a slide show I originally put together for ASA collective.  I managed to pass it on to Harry Hardie, who is curating the Look Liverpool show I am in.  He liked the work enough to include it in the Perugia Journalism Festival going on right now in Perugia.  If you’re in Italy right now, there are probably a lot better things you could be doing, drinking some wine comes to mind.  But if you are really searching for something to do, the rest of the Collateral Damage show would be good to see at the festival.  My work was tied up in Derby and London, so it wasn’t able to make it down.  But at least I managed to contribute this piece, which includes some of the prosthetics I have been photographing recently.

Week 6 + 1

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Worked the London Marathon today for Cancer Research UK.  Among the great stories and crazy runners (Fred Flinstone and Teen Wolf) there was James Joy.  He had run the Brighton Marathon before but was never given an opportunity to run the London Marathon.  This year he got his opportunity but only a couple weeks before the marathon was to be run.  Instead of dropping the Brighton Marathon, which is run 6 days prior to London, and the money he raised for the charity associated with that run, James opted to run both marathons.  With only  days to recover from the Brighton marathon, James finished in under four hours in London.  Considering I can hardly run 2 miles without stopping, I found his achievement to be pretty amazing.  Congrats James!

51º 50' 56" N 0º 13' 58" W

Week 5+1

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Another from the Imaginary Battlefield series.  This field is called Missile Command.

51º 49' 35" N 0º 02' 76" E

Week 4+1

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Last week I said I would show another prosthetic.  Keeping to my word, here is one that you would more commonly find in Bosnia.  Obviously the difference between last weeks device and this week’s is striking.

51º 40' 33" N 0º 29' 18" W

Many thanks again to Prothetist Abdo Haider and the staff at the London Prosthetic Center.

Week 3 + 1

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Now that the show is up and running and the artist talk is out of the way, I thought I would start showing some new material from Minescape.

51º 30' 43" N 0º 29' 15" W

This bionic hand is the latest creation by a firm that I have been in contact with.  The London Prosthetic Center has been kind enough to allow me into their offices and photograph some of the hands, feet, limbs, fingers and joints that they make to allow their clients to integrate more fully into society.

This one device in particular is a bionic hand.  Electrodes attach to the skin of the forearm or elbow.  These electrodes interpret the muscle stimuli and allow the hand to open and close and turn at the wrist.  I was told by Abdo Haider, the prosthetist I worked with, this device will replicate roughly half of the movements of the human hand and wrist.

This technology is not cheap however.  It runs about £10,000 for one of these hands.  Mr. Haider did tell me that there are developers in the U.S. that have made a full bionic arm that attaches at the shoulder joint which can replicate all 22 motions the human arm can achieve.  I can only imagine how much that device must cost.

Realize , however, that wearers of prosthetic devices must be refitted ever 3 years as the human body is always changing shape and it doesn’t take a lot of thought to realize that wearers of this technology, due to the price and retrofitting, are exceptions to the rule.

Next week, I will show a device more commonly seen, especially in areas like Bosnia where I carried out the initial shooting of my project.

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