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Anastasia Photo

Posted in Personal on May 4, 2011 by brettvanort

Just a quick update.  I wanted to give a shout and let everyone know that I’ve signed with a gallery in New York for representation.  There is not a show planned as of yet but the more traffic to their site the better.  It will hopefully give them impetus to have a show sooner more than later.

I’ll include a link to the gallery home page.  And a link to my page on the artist roster.

My work on the site.

Thanks for your support so far.  If you haven’t seen the work in person on the East Coast this is a great opportunity for you to try and sway the gallery to have a show there soon.


Up next…

Posted in Minescape, Personal with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on April 14, 2011 by brettvanort

As Minescape at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning heads into its final week, I encourage you to go and see the work in Brixton.  The next stop for the work will be in Liverpool from May 13-June 26.  Minescape will be part of a group show at the LOOK Liverpool festival.  The show will be at the Contemporary Urban Center (CUC) in Liverpool and will share wall space will am amazing lineup of photographers.  Included in the group show “Collateral Damage”, my work will hang alongside the likes of Simon Norfolk, Edmund Clark, Tim Hetherington, Zijah Gafic, Paul Lowe, Lisa Barnard,  Ashley Gilbertson, Adam Broomberg and Olivier Chanarin, and Mishka Henner.  Harry Hardie and Paul Lowe have collaborated to curate the exhibition.

May 13-June 26

I’m truly honored to be able to exhibit my work alongside the likes of these artists.  “Collateral Damage” will focus on images associated with atrocity that do not depict the actual act of violence or the victim itself, but rather depicts the circumstances around which such acts occurred.

In addition to this show at the CUC, Ed Burtynsky shows work from the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico last year and Robert Polidori shows work from “New Orleans After the Flood”, also at the CUC.

One week to go

Posted in Minescape, Personal on March 2, 2011 by brettvanort

One more week until the open of my solo show in Herne Hill.  Please come along if you can.  Private view starts at 6:30 pm.


March 9-April 23, 2011 Minescape at 198 Gallery

Minescape at FORMAT

Posted in Minescape, Personal with tags , , , , , , , on February 24, 2011 by brettvanort

Just a few days to go before my project, Minescape, shows at FORMAT festival in Derby.  I’ve delivered the work to the Silk Mill Museum and the work should be hung at this point.  One show down and one more to go.  I’ve settled on a framer at this point for my London show and the work should be completed before I go to Derby for the preview date; March 3, 2011.

Forest-Trebevic © Brett Van Ort

Whether or not I’m happy with the framing for the London show will remain to be seen until then.  I’m a bit anxious having to find another place to frame the work, as the design and function of the frames are intergal to the final product.

I’ve been asked by the curator of my show at FORMAT to display instructions on how to operate the frames.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to with hold myself from doing, i.e. explaining to the audience how to interact with the work, but the general consensus from the people at FORMAT is that a brief set of instructions is necessary.  I always felt that if the frames aren’t operated, then the audience “walks” into these fields not knowing what lies beneath.  However, the majority of those at FORMAT feel the entirety of the work must be seen.

You can follow this link here to see my page on the FORMAT website.

Also, FYI, I will be delivering a talk in Derby on my work on March 23 from 2pm.  Info is available here.

I’ll be speaking about the project and how a painting by Fredrich Edwin Church and the destruction of my family farm in Tennessee influenced my thoughts and ideas about the project.

Justin Beiber and World Press

Posted in Other Photographers, Personal with tags , , , , , , , , on August 19, 2010 by brettvanort

This has absolutely nothing to do about photography, well, I take that back, it does, and I’ll get there shortly.

Justin Beiber.  You know him?  Yeah, I know.  I can’t believe I’m writing about him either.  But bear with me…

I really don’t know a whole lot about him, other than he annoys the shit out of a lot of people and he has a dedicated legion of early teens following him.  I’ve listened to about ten seconds of a song in the past and I felt like my ear was being dragged across a giant cheese grater.

But then I found this:

Oh, come on, give it a shot.  It’s one of his songs slowed down 800%.  Yes, I know it sounds like Enya and I’m not about to put it on any playlist but, it sure as hell sounds better than the full speed version.  I won’t even put that on here as I don’t really want to subject people to the real song.

But what this post is about really is digital manipulation.  Here you have, well, a shit sandwich to begin with and it’s turned into a drunken midnight carnitas taco run.  So does it compare to the doctored World Press Photo below?

©Stepan Rudik. Slowed 800%, like Beiber's song.

© Stepan Rudik. Normal speed, like a cheese grater.

What disqualified the B/W photograph wasn’t the crop (which could be 800%-Gosh, Beaver, how ironic) or the super grainy B/W conversion, it was the shoe being taken out of the photograph between the hand’s thumb and forefinger.

Now, I agree with the World Press disqualifying the photograph.  Honestly, I have no idea why the photograph was even deemed a winner, but that’s why there is judging…and why I’m not a judge.

The rules are the rules and they were clearly broken with the removal of a foot.  And I’m not saying I have anything against digital manipulation.  It certainly has it’s place, especially in the art world.  I have nothing against B/W conversion.  It can be done in an analog darkroom with a color negative.  Fine.  But are we making an Antonioni movie here?  When it comes to journalism and reporting the facts, I feel that the above photograph should be disqualified for the sheer magnitude of the crop as well as the removal of the shoe.  I have no problem with a small crop to account for straightening the lines of a composition.  However, in this instance the crop is SO extreme that it DOES in my opinion create a new photograph entirely.  I know there is an argument out there that says the removal of the foot doesn’t alter the journalistic integrity of the photo, and to some degree I agree with that.  Yet, the crop creates a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT photograph.  So different it might as well be Justin Beiber turning into Enya.

A Breaking Web Update

Posted in Personal on August 16, 2010 by brettvanort

I recently updated my website for those of you that follow my work: that means you, mom and dad.  I realize their dog, Millie, would follow it as well, but without opposable thumbs, she’ll have to rely on mom and dad as always.

Millie: Once again upset at her lack of opposable thumbs.

Take a look, feel free to let me know what you think.  And don’t be afraid of those teeth.  She’s just playing.

Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize

Posted in Other Photographers, Personal with tags , , , on August 6, 2010 by brettvanort

Do I have a chance?  I mean really?  That’s what I thought about.  Should I actually go through the process of filling in the info, paying the £30 fee, then make a print that would cost about the same only to probably get rejected?  Rejection is the name of the photographic game, so I thought to myself, just get used to it.  And send the damn thing in anyway.

Problem with the print I liked…I made it in the darkroom…old school…black and white.  I really like the print, however there is a spot on the neg.  In the print it’s a black splotch, on a bit of white.  And it looks like crap.  So I had to make a digital one.  Am I happy with it?  Well, no.  It could always be better.  But it’s my submission so it has a shot.  At least I got it in on time.  And when I got there, there were 2500 or so stickers there awaiting to be affixed to other portraits.  I imagine 50 get in or so.  Rejection city.  But it’s not Howard’s fault.  It’s mine for not giving myself time to submit the perfect print.

Howard Robinson in his store. He was a great sitter.

I’ll certainly let you know how it goes on my end.  Results should be back on or about August 22.  Now, on to who I think should get in:

Dennis © Freya Najade

That’s right, Freya.  I’m certain you’ll get in.  At least I think you should.  And I imagine that Laura Pannack girl will too.

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