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Two Openings

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May 13 will see my work opening in two different venues in two different cities on the same night.  Hopefully it won’t be the last time this happens, but it will definitely be a first.

If you are in Liverpool from May 13 – June 26 you can see Minescape at LOOK Liverpool Festival.  My work will be included in a group show entitled Collateral Damage and will be hanging alongside the likes of Simon Norfolk, Tim Hetherington, Zijah Gafic, Paul Lowe, Edmund Clark, Lisa Barnard,  Ashley Gilbertson, Mishka Henner, Adam Broomberg and Olivier Chanarin.

May 13-June 26

That same night in London you can visit The Opportunity Area in the Shopping Center in Elephant and Castle to see a collection of work that looks at the regeneration of the area.  My audio visual of time lapse of the area from mid-2009 will be on view as will be a collection of great projects from other artists I’ve been associated with for over two years now.  This show will be on view from 13 May-22 May.

13 May-22 May

So there is something for those of you in the North and the South.  Don’t say I’m not trying to spread the work and the word around!


Week 9+1

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A little tardy this week…apologies…

Not much needs to be said about this photo really…

51º 30' 18" N 0º 05' 01" W

Anastasia Photo

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Just a quick update.  I wanted to give a shout and let everyone know that I’ve signed with a gallery in New York for representation.  There is not a show planned as of yet but the more traffic to their site the better.  It will hopefully give them impetus to have a show sooner more than later.

I’ll include a link to the gallery home page.  And a link to my page on the artist roster.

My work on the site.

Thanks for your support so far.  If you haven’t seen the work in person on the East Coast this is a great opportunity for you to try and sway the gallery to have a show there soon.

Week 8+1

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Yes, I went hipstamatic this week.  Was out and about during the royal wedding and heard the sound of fighter jets coming nearby.  I managed to get the phone out quick enough to capture this one.  At first I thought not much of it, but the more I looked at the photo I thought it strange that a military flyover coincided with the royal wedding.  Then I realized that beyond the tree in the foreground this exact scene could have been played out over the skies of Libya at that very moment.  With the plethora of imagery coming out of conflict zones on iPhones now that Damon Winter’s work has been validated by POYI awards, I felt this image blurred the lines even more.

So you choose: Sky over Central London or Sky over Libya.

51º 13' 34" N 0º 06' 45" W

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