Wendy Pye

As I am getting ready for a talk with photographers Simon Norfolk, Wendy Pye and Paul Lowe at 198 Gallery on Friday, March 25, I want to take a look at Wendy’s work, her website is here, which I originally saw while at the MA Photography degree a year prior to my graduation from London College of Communication.

Wendy showed her series “Beachy Head”.   The work was named after the third most popular spot in the world to take one’s life.  The photographs looked at the relics left behind for loved ones that perished there.  I thought the work had a poignancy to it but also a somewhat disturbing quality as well.  As beautiful as the site was, and Wendy did a fantastic job of showing the beauty at dusk, it had a hidden element to it and a fearful connotation as well.

© Wendy Pye

As this talk will revolve around the nature of fear in landscape, I felt that Wendy was certainly appropriate to join the discussion.  I hope to realize whether she felt the same fear that was present just before someone took their last steps towards the ocean.  I felt it translates to the work, so did it transfer through the camera and onto her own persona?

Wendy has continued working in the area in various forms.  Her most recent work uses long exposures and light painting as an attempt to transmit the spiritual nature prevalent at the site.

© Wendy Pye

I’d like to thank not only Wendy but also Simon and Paul for coming to the talk and hopefully making the night entertaining and thought provoking.


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