Week 1+1

Start of a new year of weekly photos.  Last week I said I would have some scans hopefully, and I managed to come through.  Most of the negatives were a continuation of the Imaginary Battlefield series.  However I did have a few of snow in the mix as well.  One of which I think I like, however I’m not wholly sure as of yet.  Maybe I will use it for next week.  We’ll see.

This shot is from Bunker 51.  It’s a paintball/laser tag venue near on the other side of the river from Canary Wharf.  It truly is a bunker as it is near to impossible to find.  Light levels were extremely low inside the areas I was in.  We’re talking 20 second exposures here.  So I’m pleasantly surprised at the turnout.  I’m also happy that the “atmosphere” managed to show up.  That’s the term Directors of Photography would use for smoke machines.  The ambiance is not from smoke however, it’s from dust and the dirt that you see in the foreground.  I wonder what the lungs of the field marshals look like after exposure to the “atmosphere” for a couple years.  Probably not good.

51º 49' 37" N 0º 2' 50" E


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