Week 48


Coordinates? Nowhere! That's a problem!

Yeah, that’s right, it’s not a photograph.  It’s a rough design I made up for my exhibition frames.  I’m almost four weeks from my solo show and the framer who made my initial design called me two days ago to tell me that he was too busy to make my frames.  At least he came out and told me right away once he felt he couldn’t fit them in.  Problem is…if this design doesn’t make sense to you, I understand… you’re not a carpenter or a cabinet makers.  But half the framers I talked to and showed the work to don’t seem to understand either!  Everyone I have taken this design and the smaller version to at this point is completely baffled by it.  Or, I am finding it hard to find them for the affordable price I manged to find before.  I’m just hoping that one of the 15 or so framers I met with at the end of the week comes up with a good price and that they are confident enough to be able to make these pieces.

Thankfully the work that is to go to FORMAT is complete.  I did, however wish to make some minor changes to them and I don’t feel I will have the opportunity to do so now.  How I wish I had my tools and workshop out here in London.  Could have done them myself!!!


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