Chris McCaw

I ran into Chris McCaw’s photography while I was in New York for the AP 26 launch.  I’ve forgotten which gallery it was that housed his work but I was immediately struck by the look of his work.

© Chris McCaw

It wasn’t until I was back in London that I saw his work somewhere else online.  I then proceeded to find out how he did this and why.  It turns out it was an accident and that he was just trying to make long night exposures but he happened to forget to put his lens cap back on at night.  When he woke in the morning, the sun had burned itself through to his negative and solarized the image and turned what was a negative into a positive.  However, McCaw didn’t realize that at first.  He almost threw away the film as he felt the sun had burned itself through the negative.  You can read an interesting interview of his here.

© Chris McCaw

He’s also building his own cameras and using silver gelatin papers to perform this solarization.  It’s great to see a happy accident and I’m happier still to read his interview and him to come across as someone that just happened along the technique.  He isn’t trying to justify it any other way.  Some might say there is no artistic integrity there, but I think his integrity is even more intact when he owns up to the fact that he didn’t think this whole process through from its genesis.


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