Brad Moore

While I was back in LA over Christmas I wanted to do some shooting.  I couldn’t of course.  It rained for almost eight days straight.  While I lived in LA I always found myself looking at the built environment.  This is contrary to what I look at here in London.  For some reason, I can’t get myself to look at London with the same eyes.  I’ve got to start thinking this way again.  I enjoy finding spots where nature and man intermix and create a distorted web of conformity and discord.  Brad Moore is one of the best at it.  I found his work some time ago and found it very refreshing and almost fun.


© Brad Moore

I passed his work onto a friend of mine recently.  He was overwhelmed and Brad Moore was all he could talk about for a couple weeks.  I also find it amazing that he made his living as a print maker for years and only recently went back to taking photographs.  It says something, I feel, about immersing yourself in the work of others.  He could have maybe looked on the world with fresh eyes after focusing on others’ work for so long.


© Brad Moore

It’s also refreshing to see Los Angeles, or at least the suburbs of Fullerton and Anaheim (where he does a lot of his work) portrayed in this light.  Add to the fact that he is over 50 and it says even more about not being in a rush to create great work.  It can come with time and perspective.


© Brad Moore


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