Week 32

Again, because of film processing/scanning delays this post’s shot was taken weeks ago.

The Pope visited London a few weeks ago.  I had the day off and thought it would be fun to go out with the 5×4 and capture his Pope-mobile in action.  I opted for the crest of Lambeth Bridge so I could get some nice background.  I was struck by the lack of people that were out to see him.  My wife said that this Pope was no John Paul, so people wouldn’t come out in the hordes they used to.  I set up about 90 minutes prior to the declared time for his passing over the bridge.  I was surrounded by photographers, mostly freelance guys with Nikons and Canons.  I got quite a few inquiries about why I was there with a large format film camera, and to be honest I really didn’t have an answer why I was there.  I ended up saying I felt like burning a £5 note in 1/125th of a second.  However, now that I’m looking at the results I don’t feel it was a waste.  I’m not overwhelmed by the results but it gave me a kernel of an idea…have to see if and when it sprouts.

51º 29' 40" N 0º 7' 23" W


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