Take 29

I have to preface this week’s, and last week’s photograph with an admission.  They were not taken during the week.  These are scans that I have finally gotten around to doing a couple weeks ago.  I have another scanning session coming up this week.  I hope to have a few pieces from my newest project up for the following week’s work.

This photograph is from a series I did in Nashville in May of this year.  The city received over 19 inches of rain (almost 50 cm to you non-imperialists) in just under a two day span.  Much of historic downtown was flooded including the Grand Ol Oprey, and the basement flooded in the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.  The Cumberland River crested at 51 feet, a height not seen since flood controls were put into place by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1936.

The waters receded almost as quickly as they rose.  I arrived almost a week after the flood but saw none of the destruction and aftermath that was shown on televisions and newspapers.  The few signs of the flood that I did see were the vast array of large tubes stuck into the corridors and recesses of the many buildings near downtown and the river.

Bands of disaster recovery companies patrol the US from East to West following the wake of natural disasters.  They try to make right what has been made wrong by Mother Nature.  I opted to focus on these tubes during my stay in Nashville.  The profit that these companies make from the hardship suffered by a community intrigued me and allowed for another project to start mulling around in my head.

36º 09' 35" N 86º 46' 26" W

You can see a few more of the tube series, from my After the Flood project from weeks 11 and 12 on my Pictures of the Week.


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