Double Rainbow

I feel a nice warm day would be nice.  Kind of like this day in September.  I was outside Winslow, AZ.  It must have been in the mid 80s that day.  The rain was cool but refreshing.  I was only really concerned about the lightning while I was shooting.  But when the storm passed passed I got this.

It seemed like I could just reach out and touch it.

At that moment I thought that I would get my access to Hopi and that I would have a story.  Of course I didn’t get access and I felt I didn’t have a story but I think for the next few days I’ll be posting what could be the makings of a story.  It may not be the story I thought I would have when I started but it could work.  It could just be the beginning of a new way of approaching it.


4 Responses to “Double Rainbow”

  1. Mr. Dickberry Says:

    Incredible. How big is the original negative? Did you combine 2 photos for this one?

    • brettvanort Says:

      Yeah, two 20mm frames (I think) stitched together. It was MASSIVE. Biggest complete rainbow I had ever seen and yet it was incredibly close. There isn’t anything in the photo for reference except the road but believe me this thing was huge. I tried to shoot negs but it was pointless with my 65mm on the Mamiya. I need the 43mm, can someone loan me $2000??

  2. A really incredible scene Brett, well shot buddy! Hope you are well.

    • brettvanort Says:

      i am good sig. i wish i was seeing the sun a bit more, like yourself at this point i imagine. i guess the reason for the rainbow.

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