Cabinwood revisited.

These were taken a while ago.  The very end of September to be exact.  I’ve been neglecting quite a bit of late, wrapped up with the exhibition my final project and everything, I’ve nearly forgotten about certain photographs I took this summer.  Now that the exhibition is hung and on the wall, I want to revisit the other projects I pursued this summer.  Hopi, Rest Areas, whatever else I managed to cram in, I’m focusing on that while I’m also trying to hustle for work.  I figure I will have enough to keep me occupied for a little while.

One last look before it would be gone.

I’ll start with a couple from Cabinwood.  The day after I took these the house was to be leveled completely, the logs were to be sold off for a total of $3000 I’ve heard.  It’s a shame but there is not a lot that can be done.  What’s interesting is the guy that will be removing the logs will also set up a deer blind on the property and pay our family $500 for every deer he bags with a bow and arrow.  While I was there, there were deer everywhere.  I counted 7 or 8 at one point while I was trudging around at dusk with my camera.

You can see two deer to the left of the creek bank middle frame. The others scampered away.

I felt I little more at ease this visit.  The shock of seeing what used to be so heavily canopied not open to the sky was the strangest thing at this point.  The above photograph would have been just a green and brown thicket with no sky prior to the tornado.  I’ve decided that on every visit I will shoot from the same spots and see how the land transforms slowly back to a forest.  Will it take 20 years?  30?  50?  Will I ever see it the same way that it is in my mind when I recall it?  It brings up a host of questions about memory and how it relates to photography, and memory and how it relates to landscape.

There used to be a hedgerow here.


One Response to “Cabinwood revisited.”

  1. particularly love the 1st and 3rd images

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