I moved into this place in February.  One of the selling points for me was the view.  Here it is in all its splendor and glory.

Puffy clouds don't exsist in LA.

Puffy clouds don't exsist in LA.

Now, the four smoke stacks are the Battersea Power Station in the distance.  If you enjoy Pink Floyd, like I do, you will note that if it wasn’t for the band this could very well be just another view.  But my listening to Pink Floyd enhanced many evenings.  And when I went flat hunting in London and saw this I thought, “this is one of London’s version of the Hollywood sign.”  Of course there are many iconic images in this city from 20 St. Mary Axe (the gerkin) to Parlaiment and Buckingham Palace but for reasons known (Floyd) and unknown (drug use + Floyd) this one sticks out the most to me.  So I’m more than happy that this is what I can look out to almost every day.

When and if it starts to look like this:



I will have to move!

I was up until 1:30 am last night so I didn’t go out this morning.  I still have to have fun every now and then, right?


One Response to “Animals”

  1. julianna Says:

    hahaha! LOVE IT!

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