I’ve started to reserve the commter centers, major train stations, busy tube stops etc, for the weekends.  I hope that they won’t be so busy.  As this is my first full weekend back from my getaway I’ll be going out both days.  Today was Waterloo.  I’m probably more familiar with the inside of this one than most as my wife’s two cousins live in different towns serviced by Southwest Trains.  The inside was not familiar without the amount of people though.

5:06 AM

5:06 AM

Of course I couldn’t get a shot without ANY people.  It was impossible inside but this was the best I could do.  Outside was a bit easier although I really had to wait.

5:35 AM

5:35 AM

The light got better and better and I believe I have a better shot on film as I reserved those few moments when there was no one around for the film camera.  As it grew more and more light more people started showing up.  Everyone that had a happy snappy took a shot of their own as they walked past.  The sunrise was great today.


5:53 AM

Tomorrow it’s King’s Cross.


2 Responses to “Waterloo”

  1. [i REALLY like your interior shot
    of waterloo, didn’t security try and
    stop you taking photos?]

    • brettvanort Says:

      I took one shot. I figured out where and lined it up and waited. Plus it was 5AM on a Saturday. I think all the security were asleep!

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