Covent Garden

Not the greatest sunrise today.  No low clouds to catch the light early and bounce it back and light up the sky pink.  But there were a few low clouds to break up the pool of light forming in the East.  Shot the market from the front so it was backlit first.  There is about a ten minute window to get this shot with the dynamic range my digial has.  Film of course there is more and with a little burning in the darkroom I imagine you have about 30 minutes.

Front backlit

4:59 AM

A graduated ND filter would make all the difference, but I don’t have that kind of cash for a mattebox and filter (think I would go with an ND.06, thanks to working with Mr. Mackenzie).

5:10 AM

5:10 AM

Here’s the reverse and of course it was easier to work with but not as exciting.  The trash is kind of distracting but what are you going to do.  Seems that everyone is paying attention to the sign painted on the road.  Oh, but I kid!!!

5:06 AM

5:06 AM

Inside the market, where it is usually jammed with tourists.

5:19 AM

5:19 AM

Ok, fine.  Yes I did take a picture of the phones.  Just like a tourist would.  But five of them?  I mean when was the last time all five were used simultaneously?  THAT would make a good photograph…hmmmmm.


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