Abandoned London

Term over.  Hopi Indians in mid-August, along with a follow up on Tejon Ranch in LA.  So what’s a MA student to do?  Well, I’m going to peddle my crap around town a little and look to get shot down a thousand times.  But I have to keep shooting.  I have one idea that will be kept on the back burner until October or November but until I leave for Arizona I need another project.  One that’s cheap and keeps me in the city.

Here’s the beginnings of it.

5:34 AM

So I’m planning on going out every morning and trying to capture at least one London land/cityscape by itself.  No cars, no buses, no people.  I woke at 4 am this morning and got to Parliament Square by about 4:45, right at sunrise.  I will have to get up a bit earlier I think but I am happy with the results of today.  And it wasn’t just one.  I got two.

5:15 AM

If the weather keeps up like this I should have more to come.


One Response to “Abandoned London”

  1. julianna Says:

    I was wondering why i kept seeing you online at 4am…

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