Sipson 5×4 shots

I developed almost 60 5×4 negatives over the past two days.  The majority of my easter project had to wait to be realized.  I spent most of yesterday scanning them in.  Next week I will start making 16″x20″fiber based prints in the darkroom.  It’s a lot to do in such little time but I hope I am able to get everything done.  Here are the first few images that I like or think that are worthy to be included in the final product.

John Irving stands in front of his 1950s era tractor and his workshop.

John Irving stands in front of his 1950s era tractor and his workshop.

I believe I have another photograph of Mr. Irving from the portrait assignment.  I went back with my 5×4 and snapped a few of him in front of his pride and joy (aside from his family and horse Millie of course) his 1950s era tractor that he rebuilt.  Mr. Irving bought a large parcel of land (about four acres) several years ago in Sipson realizing that the local residents opposed the previous owner from building a house on it.  John calls the land his oasis in the city.  A place for him to relax and fix up old and disused farm equipment.  I felt totally at ease whenever I photographed him and talked to him.  Reminded me of one of my uncles from Murfreesboro really.

A.E. in the cemetery.

A.E. in the cemetery.

Another photo of A.E. or Albert in the cemetery again.  This one and Mr. Irving are two of my favorites as I used the surroundings to emphasize where they were but in shifting the focus I also emphasized them as well by making them the sharp point of the photo.  The prints of these two and really nice.  I can’t say enough about how work looks in person against on a computer.  I’ll post more in the coming days.


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