Cabinwood Pictures

An old friends of my mother’s, Betsy Clark sent me several shots of what the farm looks like now.  It’s really devastating to see.  I pasted the two shots that closely resemble each other to show a before and after.cabinwood-frontMy mom says that so many have been out to help with the clean up and that it helps with all the love and support the Nelson’s have received.  I still wish I was there though.cabinwood-sideAs I sit here and do this I still don’t actually know what it would feel like to see it.  I’m sure it’s a sickening feeling to see it in person.  I have to say that when I first saw the pictures from Betsy I almost started crying.  I’m just hoping that everything that is still there can be somewhat salvaged.cabinwood-back1I hope that this helps rather than hurts everyone that views these that has a connection to the place.  My school reopens today and although I am finishing up a mid-term project, I plan on seeing what other negatives I may have of the farm to scan and post.


2 Responses to “Cabinwood Pictures”

  1. Flossie Asher Says:

    Hi, Brett:
    Betsy Lasseter sent me your link..just devastating to see the before and after shots. Downloaded some more photo’s from our July ’08 picnic. Don’t see how the family will be able to rebuild Cabinwood….and all of those lovely old trees are gone too. I feel like my childhood was taken by that storm. At least we can be grateful for our gathering last summer….look at all that has happened since!
    Two of my White brothers….Johnny and Walter have homes in areas that were also devastated. Luckily, their properties were not touched.
    Hope that your time in London is going well….envy your adventure abroad.
    Keep the Faith.

  2. wow brett. I was just reading your posts on this. How sad to lose such a cherised place.

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