More Sipson

ButchersI have a few more shots from Sipson.  These are also on the Cambio 5×4.  I’ve slowly started understanding all the swing/tilt/shift mechanisms.  It’s a bit hard to use in some aspects.  The above photograph was difficult with the lack of light.  I’m shooting Kodak B/W Tri-X Pan Professional 320-ISO.  I pushed two stops in the above photograph and plan to continue that in low contrast situations (when it is cloudy outside etc.) as it renders a bit more contrast than normal.  In the above photograph it was essential to push sheerly so I could get an acceptable shutter speed (I believe it was 1/4 of a second at f/8, the lens, a 65mm is an f/4.5 at it’s widest aperture).  I had a soft enough window light so that my contrast didn’t go full-on wacky, and I love the way the fall-off leads to the empty dark space of the room.  Her hands, well that’s a different story.  Since I had such a wide lens (I’m not using this one again) I had to swing/shift/tilt the bellows extremely and I couldn’t undistort the lens enough this close in.  But this was the best I could do.  It was incredibly difficult to even see through the viewer with the lack of light so I’m happy with the end product considering where I am with the learning curve of this camera.429 Harmondsworth Lane


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