We were told this week to go and find human interaction.  What we were to look for was a moment when two people are sharing a moment.  Instead of finding a one off shot of a moment we were to find people interacting and follow them for a bit and find that moment.  I found it incredibly difficult to do so.  Where was I to find this?  I looked all over the city.  London is full of moments of brief interaction on the street but to find an intimate moment between two people and infiltrate it felt nearly impossible. Finally, two days before the assignment was due I found myself in Green Park trying to find people on park benches sharing a moment…something, anything, so that I wouldn’t show up empty handed to the critique session on Thursday empty handed.

Then I found it.  A guy…training is what they said he was doing, but it looked to me to be torture.
Trainer and traineeWhat was in the bag I wondered?  Rocks?  Bricks?  Midgets?

They allowed me to photograph for a half hour.  What I saw looked more like Guantanamo than Green Park.

I thought he might explode here.

I thought he might explode here.


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